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My name is Ewelina Bielawska. Ever since I can remember, I have always observed people and their behavior. Also, in the evenings, before going to sleep, I thought about all the events of the day and analyzed them. I had such a pleasure in it!

I started to study psychology in 2003, because I wanted to learn more about people, their behaviors, about how they make decisions, what hurts them and what makes them happy. I wanted to find a “manual” for humans ;-). Then there was even a program in Radio Trójka, led by Mrs. Grażyna Dobroń, with such a name 😉

After I graduated, I still lacked something in this acquired knowledge. I learned about various theories, and yet such a human being is more than just a head that tells its stories (see how changeable, depending on the mood, etc.). I believe everything matters.

I continued to observe the people, especially the clients with whom I worked. I was learning to recognize their needs and hear more than just their words.

While still a student, I fell in love with traveling and was lucky to visit many countries. However, after the longest vacation I got (almost 4 weeks), I realized that it was still not enough. That I need to go backpacking alone and get to know the world and myself. This is how I got to know the Himalayas, Asia, its faces, tastes and smells. People who, like me, were looking for something.

Enriched with new experiences, observations, friendships, I came back tired of traveling and started working with a client again.

I already knew that the answers I was looking for were not outside.

So I took various courses bringing me closer to the unconscious: dynamic meditation, body work, Vedic Art, Vipassana, mindfulness, relaxation courses, leaving expectations in the forest, how to love yourself, integration, NVC (non-violent communication), and some others. I also took part in family constellations as developed by Berth Hellinger,

Somewhere in between all these experiences, I decided to spend a few months in a meditation center near Barcelona. I felt that this experience would be very important to me. My whole heart was singing only for this idea. It was hard work, full of re-evaluations and insights. Full of lessons about being in the here and now. It was then that I started to get closer to the knowledge that I lacked during my studies in psychology.

Then there was an opportunity to share my experience with the world, and Aire Fresco (a Spanish-language meditation application for which I wrote texts and shared my observations) was created.

Now, it’s been a while since I’m developing a project called MaNatu (from Mother Nature), combining my experience so far. I cannot imagine working with another human being without listening to what his body, imagination and insights say.

From May 2021, I also create a space at the foot of the Montseny Massif, where everyone can rest, be themselves, just be. Kind of home that I was missing when I was a child. The palace that welcomes all kind of thoughts, feelings, stories. 

I invite you to come and spend a weekend full of presence and mindfulness. The purpose of these encounters in nature is, above all, to rest. 

I’d like us to remember that sometimes it is good to take a break (also from any development courses 😉 Nature will do its job anyway. Effortlessly. As always.


For details, please contact me.

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